The fire on the top three floors of the BeauMonde Tower in Prabhadevi is continuing to rage. Firefighters are working hard to douse the fire and have reached out to the Maharashtra government for help with aerial firefighting equipment.

According to fresh reports, the fire which started on the 33rd floor of BeauMonde Tower in Prabhadevi has now spread to the 31st floor. The firefighters are having a hard time trying to douse the blaze as it continues to rage.

Actor Deepika Padukone has tweeted saying she was safe and asked people to pray for the firefighters who were risking their lives to douse the fire on the top floor of the BeauMonde Tower in Prabhadevi.

According to fresh reports, the fire department has requested for choppers from the Maharashtra government to help douse the fire. Reports say fire officials have been facing difficulties in reaching the 32nd and 33rd floor.

The fire on the top floor of BeauMonde Building has now spread and some more portion of the building can be seen engulfed in flames. Fresh reports say that the number of fire tenders has been increased to 12.

An RTI has revealed that about 29,140 fire mishaps have been reported across Mumbai in the past six years. Read more here.

According to reports, the fire-fighting officials initially faced difficulties in reaching the 33rd floor where the fire was raging. They have now reached and are dousing the fire. 

Police personnel, at least 10 fire tenders, 5 jumbo tankers, 2 hydraulic platforms & ambulances present at BeauMonde Towers in Worli's Prabhadevi locality where a level-III fire broke out.

The Level II fire in Beau Monde Towers in Worli's Prabhadevi locality turned to Level III fire which means, the blaze has spread. The massive fire took place in a penthouse at the 32 and the 33 rd floor. making it challenging for the fire-fighters.

The massive fire broke out on the 33rd floor of BeauMonde Tower around 2 pm this afternoon. About 90-95 residents have been rescued so far. No casualties have been reported by the fire-fighters. About 5 tankers and 4 fire tenders have been pressed into service. 

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Mumbai, June 13: A massive fire broke out at the top floor (33rd floor) of a residential high rise building in South Mumbai's Worli area. The fire broke out on the top floor of the BeauMonde Towers, which is close to the Worli sea face at Appasaheb Marathe Marg. No casualties have been reported from the incident. According to reports, 95 people have been rescued from the building. The fire has been upgraded to a Level-III fire.

Earlier, reports said it was a Level-II fire. Six fire engines, five jumbo tankers and an ambulance were at the spot. People in the area were tweeting pictures and videos from the spot. Videos showed smoke emanating from the top floor of the building.

Reports say actor Deepika Padukone has a flat in the same building on the 26th floor. Reports say many other celebrities also live in the same building.

This part of Mumbai was in the news last year after a massive fire in Kamala Mills left many killed. Kamala Mills is in South Mumbai, close to Prabhadevi, where the building has caught fire.