Allahabad, October 26: While granting bail to a man accused of killing a cow, the Allahabad High Court questioned the alleged misuse of Cow Slaughter Prevention Act against "innocents". Meat recovered from suspects in some cases is passed off as beef without forensic analysis, the bench reportedly observed. Karnataka: Pejawar Math Seer Vishwaprasannatirtha Swamiji Demands Strong Anti-Cow Slaughter Law.

The HC's critical observation came while hearing a bail plea filed by the counsel of Rahmuddin. He was lodged in jail since August 5 this, after being accused of killing a cow for consumption of its meat. The FIR against him, however, did not mention any specific charge.

"Whenever any meat is recovered, it is normally shown as cow meat (beef) without getting it examined or analysed by the Forensic Laboratory," NDTV reported the court as saying. "In most of the cases, the meat is not sent for analysis. Accused persons continue in jail for an offence that may not have been committed at all," it added.

The single-judge bench headed by Justice Siddharth also questioned whether the administration was planning any measures to address the issue of stray cows. After the bovine could no longer be milked, they are left astray by their owners, the court said.

A way needs to be found to ensure that the cows are not abandoned, and are either kept with the cattle owners or are looked after by the gaushalas, the bench added.

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