New Delhi, December 4: "December 5 Bharat Bandh" is trending of Twitter after Tribal Army has given a call for a nationwide strike on Saturday. The call for the Bharat Bandh has been given by Tribal Army in support of the ongoing farmers' protest against the recently enacted farm laws. Twiteratti's are retweeting Tribal Army and its founder Hansraj Meena's tweets regarding Bharat bandh. Farmer Leaders, In Meeting With Govt, Call For Special Parliament Session to Abolish New Farm Laws.

Meena, in one of his tweets, said that the ruling Narendra Modi government takes only minutes to sign deals with corporates like Adanis and Ambanis and but why it is taking so long to accept farmers' demands. Meema is a political activist. He stated that no one is more patriotic than farmers. All India Parisangh, a confederation of SC/ST also supported the strike call by Tribal Army. However, no major trade union has supported the strike call until now.

Tweet by Hansraj Meena: 

Tribal Army's Tweet:

Earlier in the day, the fourth round of meeting between the Centre and leaders of farm unions representing farmers protesting against recently enacted farm laws concluded without any concrete solution. The meeting was held at New Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan. The next round of talks is scheduled to take place on December 5 to break the deadlock over the controversial farm laws which came into force in September this year.

After the laws were enacted, farmers, especially from Punjab and Haryana, are staging a protest to repeal. Farmers fear that due to these laws, they will not get minimum support price, and corporates will take advantage of their produce.

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