Delhi Metro Commuter Accuses Man of Flashing Penis at Her Inside Train, Alleges Molestation in Post on Twitter
Woman Alleges Sexual Harassment Inside Metro (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Delhi, February 13: A woman from Delhi shared a deplorable incident of molestation that took place inside the Metro. Sharing her ordeal in a series of tweets, the woman alleged that a man flashed his penis at her inside a Delhi Metro train. The woman said that the episode took place on February 12 at around 6 pm when she was returning from work. Mumbai: Man Flashes Private Parts to a Girl at ATM, Arrested With The Help of Her Video.

It was just a regular day for the survivor until the alleged incident occurred on the yellow line towards Gurugram. "I was sitting on the 2-seater at the end of 7th coach returning to Gurgaon on yellow line, and this man was standing facing me for quite some time. I don't know when he turned to bring his right profile to face me. I just saw his penis outside of his pant directed at me," she said. Disturbing Video of Man Masturbating in Delhi Bus, Flashes In-front of Girl: DU Student Uploads Clip & Files FIR.

Woman Alleges Sexual Harassment Inside Metro:

According to the woman, the man, who remains unidentified, was carrying a bag in front of him to hide his private parts. "I can recall the numbness and dread I felt all over my body when I saw it and looked away. He was carrying that bag in front of his penis to hide it from the front. He stayed at that position for maybe a minute while my eyes were glued to the floor," she said in one of her tweets.

Tagging Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Delhi Police and Delhi Commission for Women, the woman snapped a picture of the man and posted it on Twitter. She also said that she has reported the incident.