Diwali Bonus? Not Really! Punjab Government Employees Get Double Salary Due by Mistake
Diwali bonus (Photo credits: File Image)

Amritsar, November 5: Several Punjab government employees were overjoyed when they were paid a double salary for the month of October, thinking that the government gave them a Diwali bonus. But shortly after that, they were disappointed when District treasury officer AK Maini sent notices to the government offices informing them that two salaries were paid by mistake and shortly one salary would be taken back. Diwali Bonus 2018 Funny Memes and Jokes: At Least These Images Are Free for All Employees This Deepavali Festival.

Maini said that this happened due to a technical snag in the software of the Government Treasury department. He said that all over Punjab, a majority of the government employees were paid double salary.

In the notice, the government departments were told not to withdraw the second salary and within a day, one salary would be taken back. He said that in Amritsar district alone, Rs 40 to 50 crore excessive amount was paid to employees. Diwali 2018 Bonanza: Savji Dholakia, Surat-based Diamond Merchant, to Gift Cars to 600 Employees.

Earlier last month, Savji Dholakia, a Surat-based Diamond Merchant, had gifted 600 cars to his employees as a Diwali gift. Dholakia is the owner of a multi-crore company, Shri Hari Krishna Exports. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attended the event and interacted with the employees through video conferencing.