Kollam, July 15: Four people suffocated to death inside an under-construction well they were cleaning on Thursday at Kundara in Kollam district. According to police, the four who died of asphyxiation have been identified as Somarajan, Rajan, Manoj, and Sivaprasad alias vava.

Police and Fire and Rescue Services carried out a joint rescue operation but could not save the lives of the four men. During the rescue operation, a fire and rescue official also collapsed on the spot after experiencing breathing difficulties and had to be hospitalised.

"The incident took place at Kundara Perumbuzha Kovilmukku. Four people got trapped in a well when they went to clean it. The well was under construction. Two workers who went down to remove the silt from the well were the first to get stuck the well. Two other men who went in to rescue them also got stuck and developed uneasiness due to suffocation," Kollam Police said. Ayodhya Tragedy: At Least 12 People Drown in Saryu River at Guptar Ghat.

"As per the preliminary assessment, the lack of oxygen and presence of toxic air led to the mishap," said a Fire Force official. "A firefighter also collapsed during the rescue operation and was admitted to the hospital. We have asked that the well be shut down" added Fire Force Official.

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