More than 100 days have passed since the coronavirus outbreak shut down our communities and plunged our stock market. Since then, we have seen hope through the economic comeback. Despite that, the volatility continues. Spike in cases across the country and around the globe prevail. More and more people are suffering the symptoms of the novel virus, and some, unfortunately, they have lost their battle.

Even if you could care less about the stock market. And despite the fact, a lot of folks are choosing not to take the virus seriously – it is affecting all of us in some way, shape, or form.

Between finger-pointing, fear, and politics, I bet we all have one thing in common: Most of us probably desperately wish we could simply run far, far away until this is all over. Either that or hit the fast-forward button. But, unfortunately, it’s all around us. Nowhere to run; Nowhere to hide.

The uncertainty continues, and crisis abounds.

It’s no wonder our lives feel turned upside down. We as Americans have lost freedoms, we’ve never been without. We have lost loved ones. Our Jobs have disappeared. Businesses are either closed for good or struggling with changes that have been mandated. Trips were canceled, Weddings postponed and the list goes on.

How utterly nice it would be if we could somehow have a just a little control, am I right? Magic wand? Anyone?

If it could only be that easy. But - we do have control, you know. I mean, we’ve all faced panic in some way. And we know that after each scare in life, it won’t be the last. So, we have a choice – a choice to get through it. And we do. We do get through crises—every time we do.

The stock market always comes back. Tears turn into laughter again. Spanish flues run their course and come to an end. We came back from the Great Depression – but if there’s another, we’ll come back again! Presidents come and go. We accept what we can’t change (or not). Regardless, we get through all of it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it: Even though good times end, bad times don’t last.

That said - feel the feelings that come along with the anxiety of crises, no matter what it is. It’s okay to feel. Avoid getting stuck in it, though. We must take personal responsibility and cope our way through it, and not live in fright. Otherwise, fear and worry turn into more fear and anxiety. And why would we want to do that, if things always get better?

The first step? Face the fact that we will never be in total control. Never. It’s better to take the limited control we do have and realize that taking one step (or minute) at a time is doable. You know why? Because you are doing it right now. We are getting through it.

Secondly, worrying about the future is easy to do in the circumstances like these. Yet, have you noticed that trying to stick with a routine helps? Fears aren’t as strong if you work to keep your mind on other things (besides the news).

I believe God made us to be relational, and social distancing is not doing us any favors. But maintaining relationships when and where you can is helpful. Talk about your feelings with others, but make a plan to avoid negativity. Stay positive.

There was this little boy who grew up in poverty. And because of it, he developed this hard-to-break poverty-like mindset. In fact, by the time he was 20, he ended up homeless, living in a car. He ended up feeling depressed and anxiety-ridden. Until one day, he made a choice – a choice to escape. Ultimately, he changed his mind-set and made a happy life for himself through that crisis and others to follow, including this one. Now people know him as the kid who was “Homeless at 20, and a Millionaire by 25.” And most who know him think that his success with money equals his happiness. He strongly disagrees. He believes feeling happy equals happiness. No matter what the circumstance.

You see, that boy was me. And I’m successful, not because of money, but because I chose (and am choosing) happiness.

Friends, I wonder what would happen if we stopped living life thinking it should go this way or that way? I’ve said this once before: We can still live our lives happily, even when things around us are disappointing or out of our control. And you can always take the reigns and set ourselves up in such a way to have what we want, regardless of outside circumstances.

Success isn’t about money, viruses, or fear. It’s about how happy we are (or could be). Happiness is the fuel – the fire to life.

I want to encourage and motivate each one of you: We can (and will) live successfully through this thing we call COVID.

Choose Happiness.

About Author: 

Jake Nicks, an Entrepreneur based in Florida. He has owned and launched multiple companies, including Trashaway, Outdoor Creations, Mike’s Roofing and 6:38 Solutions. Jake is also known for his Podcasts, “Egoless”. His podcasts are available on major platforms.