Madhya Pradesh: High Alert in 50 Villages After Gates of Satpura Dam Opened
Satpura Dam (Photo Credits: ANI)

Betul, Aug 8: A high alert has been sounded in 50 villages in Chopna and Loniya areas of Madhya Pradesh after seven gates of Satpura Dam were opened due to heavy rainfall in the region.

According to the officials, the sluice gates of the Satpura Dam have been opened by seven feet each to maintain a steady water level amid heavy rainfall in the area. Due to the water release, Tawa River has swelled up and is creating a flood-like situation in the low lying areas.

The region has been receiving heavy rainfall for the past few days. Sarni alone has received over 68 mm rainfall, in the last 24 hours. Reportedly, the authorities have been opening and closing the gates since Tuesday to maintain a steady water level. However, the shutters were opened by seven feet each on Wednesday releasing 38 thousand cusec water. Police have also been dispatched at Chopna ghat to stop people from going into the river.