Bhopal, May 4: In another incident of crime against women, a 24-year-old man allegedly locked a 21-year-old engineering student girl in a room and raped her in Kolar locality on Sunday evening. The survivor belongs to a financially weak family and works on a part-time basis at a builder’s office where the accused also worked.

According to a report in TOI, the accused planned to rape her and took her from her home on the pretext of giving her some old garments and committed the crime. When she protested, the accused brutally assaulted her and forcefully made her consume beer. Mumbai: Man Arrested for Abducting, Raping 7-Year-Old Girl in Ghatkopar

Terrified, the survivor somehow managed to run away from his clutches. She returned home and the family approached Kolar police to lodge a complaint. Police said a rape case has been registered under relevant sections of IPC and POCSO Act.

Investigation officer SI Preksha Mourya said that the survivor hails from outstation and resides here alone in a rented house in Kamla Nagar area. She is pursuing BE third year from a college in Bhopal. She stated in her complaint that earlier she worked at a builder’s office on a part-time basis to arrange money for her education. The accused Neeraj Kumar, a resident of Rajharsh Colony in Kolar, worked at the same office with her as telecom executive. As she belongs to a financially weaker family, the office staff/colleagues often gave her used clothes. The girl’s exams were approaching so she left the job on April 5 to focus on her studies. Ahmedabad Shocker: Four Men ‘Gang-Rape’ Differently-Abled Migrant Woman Several Times; Booked

On Sunday, the accused Neeraj called her and said that his house was being cleaned as some relatives are supposed to visit. The accused is married and his wife had gone to a beauty parlour in Shahpura at the time of the incident. He had found some used garments and asked her to come and take those from him. The girl replied that her exams were approaching so she would not be able to go to his house. If he wants, he can deliver the garments to her home. The accused pressurised her that he was coming to Kamla Nagar and asked her to meet him just for a few minutes. When the survivor went to meet him around 4.30pm, he pressurised and took her with him to his house in Kolar.

SI Mourya said that the survivor alleged that after reaching Neeraj’s home, he told her to wait inside a room and left. Before leaving, he locked the room from outside. The girl noticed that the room was locked from outside and called him. He counselled her over the phone that he would return in a few minutes. When he returned, he had a beer bottle with him. He locked the room from inside and forcefully made her drink the beer.

When she protested, the accused assaulted her and disrobed her. He threatened to kill her and ordered her to sit quietly. When he started sexually abusing her, the girl pretended that she was feeling uneasy and asked for water. When he went to fetch water, the girl took her clothes and mobile phone and went out. She locked his house door from outside so that he may not chase her. She was terrified, so she returned home and then approached Kolar police to lodge a complaint. SI Mourya said that a rape case has been registered in the matter. Police said they have arrested the accused.

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