More Than 100 Stray Dogs Killed With Poison Near Infosys Campus, Hyderabad
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Annojiguda, October 8: Over 100 strayed dogs on Saturday were found dead after been poisoned by unidentified assaulters near Infosys campus situated near Sanskruti Township in Annojiguda. The matter came to light when volunteers of the Compassionate Society for Animals (CSA) were alerted. Founder and chairperson of CSA NS Pravallika, who lodged the police complaint, said that Sanskruti Township near Annojiguda has hired professional dog killers to commit the crime. HC Expresses Concern over Violating Rules on Animal Transport.

Some of the residents confirmed that dog killers were hired and they poisoned them on Friday at 11 pm.

According to the CSA reports, the dogs were poisoned to suffer and die. Some of the people in the complex have seen the dogs vomiting and frothing. Despite helping them, they couldn't save them and their dead bodies were disposed of by Saturday morning.

The CSA volunteers said that the crime was committed under the supervision of Township President Bal Reddy and night shift security in charge.

Speaking on the incident, Police officials said that till now no dead bodies have been found to prove the allegations. The inquiry is still going on, however, FIR is not registered due to no witness in the case.