New Delhi, February 24: In an attempt to bust myths around menstruation, a Delhi-based NGO organised a "period feast" in the national capital on Monday. During the "period feast", a group of 28 women, wearing aprons with the tagline, “I am a proud menstruating woman” cooked food and served meals to over 500 people. The event was organised by Dr Surbhi Singh, the founder of ‘Sachhi Saheli’ to remove misconceptions about menstruation.

Recently, a religious leader Swami Krushnaswarup said that "menstruating women who cook food for their husbands will take birth as bitches in their next life while men consuming food prepared by women having periods will reborn as bullocks". In another incident, students of a college in Gujarat's Bhuj were forced to strip to "prove" they were not menstruating. The "period feast" was organised against Krushnaswarup's remarks.

"After hearing the comments made by Swami Krushnaswarup, I felt that if one doesn’t speak now, then no one will ever speak about it," Dr Singh was quoted by The Indian Express as saying. "That is when I decided to highlight this subject by declaring that we are eating the food made by menstruating women and it doesn’t make any difference by eating this food," she added. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also attended the event.

"All I did was put a post on social media and people responded. The fact that so many people supported the cause and ate the food is proof that they don’t care about such misconceptions," Dr Singh said. "I also feel that more such events should be organised so that the idea is reinforced," she added.

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