New Delhi, June 14: Fuel prices have been hiked again on Monday by the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) across several states and regions across the country. With the latest hike, the petrol and diesel price in Delhi on June 14 stands at Rs 96.41 per litre and Rs 87.28 per litre respectively. The price of petrol in the national capital witnessed an increase of 29 paise while diesel price was up by 30 paise. On Sunday, June 13, fuel prices which have been rising over the past one month, remained unchanged.

In Mumbai, petrol was sold at Rs 102.58 per litre while diesel was priced at Rs 94.70 per litre. In Chennai, the petrol price was at Rs 97.69 per litre while diesel was sold at Rs 91.92 per litre. Meanwhile, in Kolkata, petrol price was at Rs 96.34 per litre while diesel was sold at Rs 90.12 per litre. World May See Peak of Petrol, Diesel Demand by 2035 but Not in India, Says Oil Ministry Official.

Petrol and Diesel Prices on June 14, 2021: 

City Petrol Price Diesel Price
Delhi Rs  96.41 Rs 87.28
Mumbai Rs 102.58 Rs 94.70
Kolkata Rs 96.34 Rs 90.12
Chennai Rs 97.69 Rs 91.92

In Bhopal, petrol was priced at Rs 104.59 per litre & diesel at Rs 95.91 per litre on Monday, June 14 while in Ladakh, petrol was sold at Rs 101.95 per litre and diesel at Rs 93.90 per litre. In Pune, petrol price was at Rs 102.18 per litre while diesel price was Rs 92.86 per litre.

On Saturday, i.e. June 13, petrol was sold for Rs 96.12 per litre while diesel was priced at Rs 86.98 per litre.  In the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, both petrol and diesel were sold for Rs 102.30 and Rs 94.39 per litre, respectively. On May 29, Mumbai became the first metropolitan city in the country where petrol price crossed the Rs 100 per litre mark.

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