Telangana: 40 Students of Minority Residential School in Hyderabad Admitted to Hospital After Having Hostel Food
Representational Image (Credits: Wikimedia)

Hyderabad, July 8: Around 40 students from Telangana Minority Residential School were admitted to the hospital after consuming food at their hostel today.  According to an ANI report, the school in a statement said that the students are in a stable condition. Fire Breaks Out at Firecracker Godown in Telangana, 10 Dead.

Around two days back, around 20 children at a government school at Koilkonda Mandal were attacked by honey bees at Suraram district of Mehboobnagar, Telangana.  Right after the morning prayers, the students were stung by bees.

In another incident over the weekend, three children who left their school under the pretext of offering Friday prayers were found dead floating inside a pit in Nizamabad town on Saturday morning.