10 Monsoon Memories That Will Make Every Desi 90s Kid Nostalgic
Before technology took over, the 90s kids stepped out and enjoyed the rains. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Using the rain filter on Snapchat and posting #RainSelfie wasn't what we millennial kids grew up on. Instead, we actually stepped out, played in the rains, got drenched and absolutely loved it. The memories of rainy days as children were so much different then. Back in the days, we didn't fret about spoiling our hair, smudging the kajal or soiling the shoes. Instead, we waited for the rains to arrive.

Here are 10 childhood memories associated with the rain every desi kid will totally relate to and get nostalgic about the good old days.

Collecting Hailstones

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Back in days, the rainy seasons, especially for those growing up in the Northern parts of India, inspired a new sport -- collecting hailstones. Every time it rained heavily, kids would look out for hailstones for the simple joy of collecting them in different shapes, watching them melt in our hands and sneaking them into other's clothes playfully. That was so enjoyable. Right?

Family Time

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Samosa-Jalebi-Chai the classic snack for rainy days. Back then, families were bigger. And on rainy days, family, friends and neighbours would huddle together and have a good time.  Those days, posting #RainGoals pictures were not important. Real goals were achieved by sitting with the family and enjoying.

Paper Boats

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

For the 90s kids, making paper boats during rains was an essential activity. Kids would wait for the rains to create water streams so that they could make paper boats and set them afloat. The joy was pure gold!

Shaking Off Water From Trees and Leaves

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We didn't care a bit about getting wet in the rain. The 90s kids thoroughly enjoyed the post-rain game of shaking water off the trees and splashing it over each other.

Skipping Schools

(Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

We also love rains because we could bunk school when it poured heavily. We didn't have to convince our parents to let us skip school on rainy days. Some of the best rain memories of childhood were to wake up in the morning, only to realise it is raining heavily. No one will ask us to step outside, not even for school. One enjoyable rainy day, Yay!

Dancing in the Rain

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Kaate Nahi Kat-te , Dum Dum Digga Digga: haven't we all danced on these tunes as children? It was an absolute joy to dance in the rain to these special Bollywood numbers set for the rainy mood.

Window Doodles

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Remember making hearts on the school bus window with the initials of your crush? Yes, it sounds cheesy now, but back in the 90s our hearts skipped a beat thinking of them in the rains and the best we could do about it was creating silly doodles with the window dew. Isn't it?


(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Were we better off when we weren't obsessed about our appearance and worried about what people thought?  Playing games like gully-cricket and football with a huge group of friends in the rain and getting totally drenched in mud and water was a pleasure like none other.

Jumping in Puddles

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

"Be careful, there's a puddle. Don't ..." even before Mom could complete her sentence, we would already be splashing around in the puddle, grinning from ear-too-ear. Those were the days!

Cycle Race

(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

No matter how annoyed we are now as adults when a speeding vehicle splashes water all over us during the monsoons, it was our favourite guilty pleasure as kids. Going out for cycle races with siblings and friends and competing to see who splashes the most water was a popular monsoon sport for the 90s children.

Sigh! Aren't you really really nostalgic now? Instead of staying cooped up inside, go call your old friends and make a plan to catch up soon. Enjoy the rain together, grab a cup of chai and see if you find some kids dancing in the rain outside. Relive your childhood days by joining them; it's totally worth it.