In this digitized era, it is quite difficult to find sites dedicated to online shopping that offer a smooth shopping and browsing experience. Founded with the intention to create such a platform that is not only compatible with a perfect online shopping experience but also offers a vast range of products in a single place, recently completed its third anniversary. With the present e-commerce landscape on the rise not only from a creative point of view but also through visual search, machine learning, voice assistants, and anticipatory design, within three years has become a name to reckon with in the Middle East’s online shopping landscape. was founded in 2018, as a birth child of two Indian entrepreneurs, Mr. Jamsheer Thanalot and Nawas Basheer, as an exclusive eCommerce online store featuring an eclectic collection of sports goods, electronics, mobiles, perfumes, and other products from globally recognized brands. The exclusive array of products contains no spurious, faux or defective materials and comply with National Consumer Protection Act’s guidelines. It is the quality and the quantity that is being offered by Jazp to its vast customer base that has ensconced this digital platform as one of the hotspots for shopping enthusiasts across the Middle East. quickly gained popularity among customers due to a rich and variegated collection of chic, swanky and contemporary products that are affordable and classy. 

It is not only the offerings of that have made it in the running to dominate the online middle eastern market. It is without a doubt a culmination of sincere efforts, digital enhancements, and a team of dedicated personnel with an equally loyal customer base that have made  one of the most loved platforms for online shopping. The growth curve has been on an upward trajectory within just three years of its inception. is also a part of the Western International Group, a diversified organization representing a range of verticals and businesses spread across more than 86 countries. 

Jazp, within three years, has managed to establish offices in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. With great integrity and a spearheading vision, Jazp has grown to have an exceeding employee strength of over 200. The company consistently invests in enriching the customer’s experience with the innovative leveraging of cutting-edge digital technologies. Jazp motivates fashion-loving customers to experiment with modish products that are carefully handpicked keeping in perspective the prevailing haute couture. To render the shopping experience more gratifying, rewards are given for all activities the customers indulge in on-site.

To have reached such great heights in such a short period of time is nothing less than a miraculous achievement for Jazp, considering the fact that digitization has allowed every other competitor to leverage its power as well. But then again it is quite clear that to become a successful business along with technology is required a solid foolproof plan, quality offering, and a knack to attract the desired customer base. Not only that, but a good business also requires to abide by its promises and stay true to its values. With such spearheading success, owners  Mr. Jamsheer Thanalot and Nawas Basheer have decided to take their venture to another level and expand the operations in other countries like Kuwait, Bahrain.

No matter what the future holds, it is for sure that Jazp will take over the digital marketplace arena and continue to offer world-class service to its loyal customers.