The first things that come to mind when thinking about 'luxury style' are celebrities, A-listers, gold, diamonds, shiny new items, and the list goes on. If observed, style is associated with a particular class of people and a specific material used to make the products look luxurious and glamorous. The association of luxury style with celebrities and famous personalities is so strong that people's minds fail to accept someone from a different profession adapting to this trend. This behavior can create a slight discord and a sense of superiority among the A-listers and others. But people are not the only ones to be blamed. The brands are at fault too.

Not many brands make jewelry or fashion statement pieces with regular and sustainable material, which is why people have become judgmental and intolerant. Many fashionistas and fashion gurus view it as a disrespect to fashion when brands do not follow the quality standards. But Rubber B, a Swiss rubber brand, has taken a bold decision by breaking the stereotypes of luxury jewelry items.

Rubber B’s of launch the 'Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller' with rubber straps helped the company acquire much attention. It is a prominent manufacturing high-end and premium quality rubber that perfectly blends well with any luxury item. By integrating with some of the best watches in the Swiss luxury horology industry such as Panerai, Rolex, Apple, IWC, Breitling, and Tudor, Rubber B has set aside the claims for the materials used for luxury items.

A Watch for the Deep-Sea Divers

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs who specialized in the manufacturing of high-end jewelry and watches in 2010, Rubber B is a brand that has been in the good books of many high-end watch brands because of its top-quality rubber.

The Rubber B sources its superior quality rubber watch straps from its factories in Switzerland. The straps by this company are one of their kind and are the only rubber straps that are made from materials that are 100% sourced from Switzerland by the best manufacturers in the Haute Horology Industry.

Rubber B has some of the best and skilled manufacturers and cutting-edge technology that create these straps with 'Vulcanized Rubber,' which is a high-density composite. The vulcanization of the rubber prevents it from overstretching to the point of failure. It also saves it from being damaged by certain external environmental factors such as the Ozone, UV rays, and exposure to the salty and wet environment of the oceans.

The vulcanized rubber used by the Swiss-based company is durable and pure. Its manufacturing process does not involve activities such as treatments, coatings, and silicone blends.  Rubber B's 'Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller' watch is made specifically for divers and deep-sea divers. With its top-quality rubber, the watch turns out to be flexible and durable against tearing.

Another factor that sets the DeepSea Sea-Dweller apart from the other luxurious watches is the strap end's grip on the Rolex watch head.  The Rubber B straps' lips fit perfectly on the underside of the watch, which keeps it intact and does not let it spin around.

The Deepsea watch was designed by keeping the deep-sea divers in mind. The CEO of Rubber B, Arnaud Benjamin, came up with the idea to revolutionize Rolex and add a sense of style and luxury to the diving activity. He aimed to provide a luxurious style statement to the divers by ensuring that the harsh waters of the salty seas did not affect the quality and material of the watch, which could not be achieved with Rolex's classic leather-strapped Daytona.

The watch's flattering look and the chic yet classy designs have made Rubber B's Deepsea Sea-Dweller strap crowd's favorite in no time. One of the best features of the Rubber B strap with the Deepsea watch is that it perfectly fits each diver's wrist and can also use the Rolex watch's original clasp for a perfect OEM look and feel.

With the unique luxurious rubber strap design, Rubber B's DeepSea Sea-Dweller is an excellent alternative for those who dislike wearing bracelets and leather watches. Not only has Rubber B broken the stereotypes and made rubber luxury material, but it also has successfully managed to modernize the classic look of Rolex watches.