Do Women Enjoy Getting Oral Sex From Men Who Have Facial Hair? – Sex Query of the Day
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This Reddit user is in desperate need of sex advice to pleasure his girlfriend. He says his girlfriend enjoys him going down on her but somehow, she doesn't enjoy the feeling of the poky beard hair. He feels bad every time she isn't satisfied and blames the beard for it. While he doesn't want to disappoint her, he also wants to keep the beard. To add to that, they're both virgin and have been trying to lose their virginity since long but nothing's worked out for them so far. What should they do?

SEX QUERY OF THE DAY: Do Women Enjoy Getting Oral sex From Men Who Have Facial Hair?

A. First of all, you deserve a big round of applause for actually understanding that your girlfriend has all the right to be pleasured too. Since you mentioned this is your first time, guys usually take a lot of time to understand and see beyond their own sexual needs. The fact that you mention how much you want to make your girlfriend happy during sex proves that you're a man she shouldn't let go off.

Now, moving to the beard part, quite a tough choice to make eh? If your girlfriend has been very vocal about how the beard irritates her leaving her unsatisfied, maybe you could try applying some beard oil or gel. It could work as a lubricant, making her feel all smooth and soft down there and voila! Your problem is solved. Unless, it still makes her feel icky. And if it does, its time to chop it off! Like you mentioned, the trimming isn't helping. So, why not take the plunge and get rid of the beard to make her feel satisfied? Oral Sex Causes Cancer? Here’s What You Need to Know about Safe Blowjobs and Cunnilingus.

You also say you've tried the missionary position twice but you haven't been able to lose your virginity yet. Now, understand this. We have a very wrong idea of sex. Sex isn't easy. It's messy and it takes a lot of effort to actually have sex, especially if it's for the first time. I know of someone who has been married for almost a year but hasn't been able to lose her virginity yet. Imagine! It's all about the timing and how comfortable you are with each other. Give it some time and indulge into a lot of foreplay before you try PIV (Penis in Vagina) sex. Sex requires you both to be extremely comfortable with each other. Your girlfriend's vagina needs to be very wet and relaxed before you try and penetrate inside her. Sex Query of the Week: How to Perform Oral Sex on Your Female Partner and Give Her the Best Orgasm (Watch Video).

Another alternative could be using a lubricant or a condom which might help in easing it out for guys.

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