After all we have gone through in the past year, we just want to have fun, get outside, and be entertained. Businesses are opening back up, events are happening again, and there is money being made. While you are in your car going from point A to point B. There are many entertaining and funny podcasts you can listen to on your drive.

These are 5 podcasts that will keep you entertained, deliver some laughs, great interviews and educate you in 2021.

Black Girls in Media: Black Girls in Media Podcast's main mission is to educate, encourage, and inspire women of all ages and fields of media. Our cohost Danteé Ramos, Kelly Ray, and Shelby Smith use their individual life experiences, guests' tips, and black culture to move our stories. Here at BGIMP we aim to teach, guide and uplift all of our listeners. This podcast is a safe place to learn and find ways to connect the dots to your dreams.

Black Queens Uncut provides real and honest conversation about culture, sex, dating, grinding and everyday life between four Black women. The series is hosted by Nakia Richardson, TK Trinidad, and Monique Loveless.

Dear Black Girl Podcast: Hosted by Unique Chapman, Dear Black Girl is an audio podcast series that explores the intimate and universal experience of music and the way it’s connected to our memories. Various Black women take listeners on a raw and honest journey back in time to revisit poignant moments in their lives that will forever be linked with a song.

UNDUNN Podcast: Hosted by entertainment journalist and host Ashley Dunn, is a stripped down and unfiltered series about people whose plans didn’t go as planned, but somehow found a way to push through and become the best version of themselves. Each week guests unpack their stories and speak to how their life’s plans became undone and how they used it to propel them forward.

The Wayne Ayers Podcast: Hosted by Wayne Ayers, the podcast is an extension of the Where Is The Buzz TV news platform for young millennials to express themselves and get fast, reliable and relevant information. Where Is The Buzz has a passion for developing the potential of new media to transcend traditional norms. The publication is growing rapidly with a combined following of over 200,000 followers for our social media platforms.