Italian luxury brand Gucci faced much backlash for selling a sweater that resembled blackface. The turtleneck top was removed from the company's website and posted an apology for the product. The Balaclava Knit Top pulled up from its bottom till the half of the face and a cut out near the mouth and it was priced at $890. It had a red lining around the lips. They said it was inspired by their vintage ski mask but in time for the Black History Month, social media users pointed out that it mimics blackface. Gucci Designs a Swimsuit For £290 Except it Cannot be Used for Swimming!

Gucci had introduced this sweater in their Fall Winter 2018 runway show. But users were not pleased with the overall appearance of the product. The photos have been removed from the Gucci website but can be still viewed on other retail stores. Twitter was not impressed at all. Check out some of the tweets that were written by the people about this 'blackface' sweater. ‘T-Shirt Shirt’ for Over Rs. 80 Thousand! Luxury Brand Balenciaga’s New Bizarre Fashion Idea Gets Trolled on Social Media.

Here are the Tweets:

Gucci's Racist Designs

The backlash was too much and Gucci then apologised on their social media for their offensive product.

Gucci's Apology:

Although the product is off the racks, it does give out a wrong message. This is not the first time a fashion brand has been accused of making such a mistake. Fashion brand Prada too in the past had to withdraw products after they made blackface imagery. Those products had monkey-like figures with black faces and red lips.

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