‘T-Shirt Shirt’ for Over Rs. 80 Thousand! Luxury Brand Balenciaga’s New Bizarre Fashion Idea Gets Trolled on Social Media
Balenciaga's T-shirt shirt (Photo Credits: Balenciaga)

Spanish brand Balenciaga is known for going to the edge when it comes to fashion. However, its latest invention did not go down well with social media users. The luxury brand was criticised strongly for a T-Shirt Shirt which is a part of their Fall 18 Collection. Just like the name suggests the new clothing looks bizarre too. Fashion police neither seemed impressed by the garment that looks like a Shirt on a T-Shirt. And the newest T-Shirt or Shirt or both costs $ 1,290 (approximately Rs 87,365).

Most people on the internet could not even believe that clothing actually exists. Some thought it was a joke and were surprised to find out it actually exists. Incase you like it, you can pre-order it on their website. Balenciaga which is known for their costs, had priced a designer bag at $3,000 (more thant Rs 2 lakh) in 2017. People also took potshots at the model posing in the garment saying he was equally confused.

Here is Balenciaga's T-Shirt Shirt which is a part of their Fall 18 Collection:

No bizarre reasons could find a legit reason for this fashion idea:

The website describes the product as, "Striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options." Last year Balenciaga was made fun of when models strutted the runway in Crocs. The shoes with several inches of rubber platform and its tops decorated with pin embellishments had become perfect joke material on Twitter. The latest collection is set to hit stores on June 19. Would you go ahead and try the clothing? Do let us know in the comment section below.