Gucci Designs a Swimsuit For £290 Except it Cannot be Used for Swimming!
Gucci swimsuit (Photo credits: Twitter/Infonya_Mas)

Top fashion brands have a repute that their loyal customers will always vouch for all their products. So Gucci making a swimsuit and it going off the shelf soon should not be so surprising. But a major design defect has made headlines. Gucci made a swimsuit, all stylish but you cannot wear it for swimming in the pool. The chic white piece is made of a material that will spoil if it comes in contact with chlorine, so there go all the dreams of splashing in the pool! Priced at £290 (Rs 27,653) we feel sorry for their loyal customers who made it a quickly sold-out product. ‘T-Shirt Shirt’ for Over Rs. 80 Thousand! Luxury Brand Balenciaga’s New Bizarre Fashion Idea Gets Trolled on Social Media.

The high-end brand made a swimsuit with its Gucci logo in the front and cross-over straps. It is simple yet stylish, nothing wrong there but probably designers forgot the purpose of their product. Listed on their website it clearly mentions, "Due to the nature of this particular fabric, this swimsuit should not come into contact with chlorine." It is made of 80% nylon and 20% elastic fabric which is unsuitable for chlorinated water.

And while one would expect cover-up for the blatant error, Gucci instead styles it with a leather jacket to make it appear more stylish. People on social media are obviously not impressed. Some expressed their displeasure at the brand for fooling people. One of the girls called out the brand as baiting people with the idea. 'Inverted Jeans' Are The Newest Fashion Trend That Social Media is Not Impressed With.

Take a look at Gucci's swimsuit and the product instructions:

Meanwhile, Gucci had no reply and the product still remains as a sold-out item. So it is just a piece of luxury to own and definitely not take it to the beach? What's the point?