Everyone’s fast fashion hit, Zara has big news for its fans. Well, the high street fashion brand has just pulled a logo redesign on us. It now displays the Z bleeding into the A and the curves of the R crossing into the final A’s territory. This the second time that the Spanish company has changed their logo in their 45-years history in the fashion industry. However, the fashion lovers and graphic designers are not impressed with the move. They took to social media to express their disappointment and confusion because it is very different from the old one that fans always loved. Zara is Being Mocked on Twitter for Online Catalogue with Models in Bizarre Poses. 

Zara last modified its logo in 2010, but since the alternations were minor, customers did not have much shock back then. We were used to seeing the bold, wide letters. But the recent design makes the letters look much closer together and including a curve on the Z and R, that has confused the netizens. The logo has reportedly designed by Baron & Baron agency, and the fashionistas were quick to note that the particular typography was first used in Harper’s Bazaar in the 90s. It did not take long before the customers began to share their thoughts on Zara’s new look. Fashion Giants H&M, Zara Caught In Mohair Controversy, Promise to Stop Using Angora Goat Wool For Their Products. 

Zara's New Look

Netizens quickly shared their feelings on Twitter, and the reaction was a combination of disbelief and distress. You can trace their journey of grief.

Shock and Denial

Pain and Guilt


Sadness and Reflection

Working on the Pain Using Humour

And Finally, Acceptance and Anticipation

No matter, how much we debate, the truth stands still. It is bloody weird, but the overlap font is Zara’s new logo. There are no reports when the store signage will be updated. But it is expected to happen anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the store is trying out a lot of new things to stand out in the market and remain customers favourite like always. Recently, the brand has launched their first-ever makeup line with a selection of matte lip products. And we hope there is plenty more to come. Till then, what do you think about the new look logo?

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