The festival of Diwali is here and we know you all cannot contain the excitement of the celebrations that await. Diwali is one festival which is celebrated all over the country with a lot of enthusiasm. And in India, a festive celebration involves new clothes, jewellery, makeup and how can we forget mehendi? Making henna designs on hands is just another way of being a part of the festive fervour. But are you too caught in the other Diwali preparations? Has the Diwali cleaning and snack making left you with no time to put on mehndi? Then worry not; we will help you with some of the best mehendi designs, which will barely take five minutes to make. Here are easy and beautiful Diwali mehendi design video tutorials. New Mehndi Designs For Diwali 2019: Latest Indian Henna Mehandi Patterns to Make Deepavali Even More Beautiful (Watch Videos).

While traditional mehendi takes a lot of time since it covers the whole palm, there are beautiful Arabic henna patterns, which look equally good for festive celebrations. Diwali is all about wearing traditional clothes, adorning nice jewellery and performing puja of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Each day of the festival is very significant and mehendi is one way of keeping your festive look in check. After all, good quality henna will definitely last for a week. If you have been really caught with work or household chores, here are some quick mehendi design videos you can take inspiration from.

Mehendi Design With Numbers

You may not be good at drawing perfect curves and circles but making few numerals can also turn into a beautiful mehndi design. The above video shows how you can make a nice traditional mehndi flower pattern with the use of numbers.

Bracelet Mehndi Patterns

You need not worry about the jewellery now as this mehendi pattern works as a perfect replacement. It does not even take a lot of time to apply henna in a bracelet pattern. Another advantage is, it dries up pretty quickly so you can get back to your chores too.

Finger Mehndi Designs:

If you are not a fan of the henna fragrance but still want to get it done, then the best idea is to apply finger mehndi. This looks beautiful and doesn't take a lot of time to apply. These are a little intricate patterns since they cover only the fingers but the overall look is amazing.

Mehndi Using Coins and Earbud:

This is one mehndi trick which is perfect for last-minute mehndi designs. All you need is a few coins and earbuds. Place the coins like shown in the video above, make the outlines and just be gentle with the earbud. Easy right?

So if you are among those busy working-around-the-clock types then we hope the above mehndi design videos help you to get ready for the Diwali celebrations. So make these beautiful traditional mehndi designs for the festival and flaunt it in style.

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