Diwali 2019 Decoration Ideas for Office and Home: 3 Ways You Can Switch Up Your Decor With No Efforts This Deepavali
Diwali Decor Ideas (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Diwali is one of the grandest festival of India. The festival of lights brings endless happiness in every home. Most of us remember the cleaning of every corner as we all spent the week before Diwali making sure our house was in its best condition. but then came decorating the house. Everyone dreading the cleaning process, but decorations bit is what made it fun. While we all took our own sweet time to make our home the prettiest, what would happen if you forgot to decorate because of busy schedules? If you’ve been busy to switch up your home for this five-day-long festival or you have been living alone and couldn’t find the time to decorate and rearrange your house, we have some quick fixes for you. Diwali 2019 Decoration Ideas: Brighten Up Your House With Diyas, Lanterns, Fairy Lights and Candles This Deepavali (Watch Video Tutorials).

If you’re struggling to understand what to buy for this Diwali, here are some decor ideas for you. These are instant game changers and you don't need a lot of time with these. We hae three last-minute buys that can get you in the festive mood! Diwali 2018: Why is Deepavali Celebrated? The Significance, Myths and Legends of The Festival of Lights.


This one is an obvious one, but you need to have diyas! Get yourself some diyas and set them on the entrance of your door. If you’re not sure about the oil and cotton bud technique, go for ready-made wax candles diyas. You can find numerous designs to pick from. If you’re feeling fancy, add a small scented candle in your diyas.  You can also make it fun with coloured candles in your diyas. You can get little, tiny electric diyas for your desks or bay at work.

Stencils for Rangoli

Not everyone is an artist when it comes to rangoli. It might look easy, but it takes excellent skills to manipulate your fingers in shapes to achieve that masterpiece. Try going for rangoli stencils for the same effect with no efforts. You can create so many different designs to welcome your guests! These will not only make your doorway pretty, but they will also be done in less than 10 minutes. Now paint away with your favourite colours!

Sheer and Bright Curtains

Sheer curtains can make anything better. Try looking for some sheer curtains for your living room. This will not only change the look and be a break from the same settings, but it will also help you enjoy the view outside. Your guests will also love this!

You can also refer to this video for some great ideas!

Diwali is all about the decoration and colours every new decorative item. Even though this is excessive and needs some time and efforts, it need not always be tedious. Some beautiful things are right around the corner and you just have to look for them. Happy Diwali!