June 11 is the birth anniversary of Indian Revolutionary Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil. He was born in 1897 at Shahjahanpur in North-Western Provinces, British India. Bismil is best known for his participation in the Mainpuri conspiracy of 1918, and the Kakori conspiracy of 1925. Bismil was not only a freedom fighter but a poet and a writer as well.

Bismil was fluent in Hindi and Urdu and used to publish his work under the pen names Ram, Bismil and Agyat. On his birth anniversary, we bring you some of his most popular quotes which continue to inspire us.

Famous Quotes by Ram Prasad Bismil:

  • I believe, I will be reborn again, to serve my motherland again.
  • I agree to die thousands of times for my motherland, without thinking about the pain I’ll be getting. Oh God! Allow me to born again multiple times. even after dying continuously.
  • Even if I have to face death a thousand times for the sake of my Motherland, I shall not be sorry. Oh, Lord! Grant me a hundred births in India. But grant me this, too, that each time I may give up my life in the service of the Motherland.
  • I will abolish the name of slavery from society, and I will bring freedom there.
  • Dear youths, sacrifices your life for the motherland, and she’ll bless you.
  • What’s the use of those messages, when the messenger bought it after the hope is broken and died?
  • Never neglect or look at someone with hatred, treat everyone with love and compassion.

For his efforts to bring down the British Regime, Bismil was hanged to death at the age of 30 on December 19, 1927. Ram Prasad Bismil's last words were "Jai Hind".

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