Ramadan 2019: Justin Trudeau Attends Iftar Hosted by Milton Muslims, View Pictures
Justin Trudeau having iftar with the Muslim community in Milton | (Photo Credits: Facebook/JustinPJTrudeau)

Milton, May 11: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday attended an iftar hosted by the Muslim community in Milton. His office shared images of the special Ramadan reach out, where Trudeau could be seen interacting with the minority community members and sharing iftar - the meal consumed to break fast - with them. Know The Difference Between Iftar and Sehri.

Trudeau, who faces elections this year, is known for his special personal reach out to members of the migrant community and minority faiths. Pollsters claim that he enjoys a solid rapport with the Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims - who form a significant electoral size in the country.

Muslims in the North American nation number just above a million. As per the recent census report, a total of 1,053,945 Muslims are residing in the nation -- which comes close to 3.2 per cent of the overall population.

View Pictures of Trudeau Attending Iftar in Milton:

"Ramadan is about the values we all hold dear as Canadians – compassion, peace, and serving others. Last night, I joined members of the Muslim community in Milton to break fast – thank you for welcoming me to this special Iftar meal," read the post on Trudeau's social media account.

Ramadan 2019 commenced in Canada on May 6. Believing Muslims are duty-bound to fast from dawn to dusk. The fast involves an abstinence from food as well as water in the daylight hours. The holy month is succeeded by the celebration of Eid-al-Fitr, the biggest festival in Islam.