Video of Special Dandiya Dance Featuring Elderly Woman Sitting on Wheelchair Will Warm Your Hearts This Navratri 2018
Special Dandiya Dance Featuring Elderly Woman Sitting on Wheelchair (Photo Credits: @anandmahindra/ Twitter)

The nation is all more crazy as Sharad Navratri 2018 is ongoing. The festival of nine nights is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. In different parts of India, individuals observe different customs during this time, some of them are incredibly quirky. Navratri is a medley of dance, fun, festivities, bonhomie and religious devotion. As we honour Goddess Durga, the triumph of good over evil, no individual remains unaccompanied under any circumstances during the celebration. Navratri 2018 has only begun, and there are a lot more to appear in the headlines. But the recent one would be a special dandiya dance video which features a few elderly women sitting on a wheelchair, is sure to melt your heart. Falguni Pathak Dandiya Songs: Dance to the Tracks of Garba Queen during Navaratri 2018 Festival!

Apart from religious gatherings, Navratri is vastly about dance events popularly known as garba and dandiya. People are seen dressed in their best traditional ethnic outfits; women in Lehenga Cholis and little Indo-western combinations like bohemian skirts, cholis or kurtis and men in their Kurtas paired with churidar or dhoti, painting the town in multi-colours. During the dance gatherings, everyone, starting from children to elderly people, join the garba session. In this video too, the unidentified organiser made sure, that everyone be a part of the beautiful dandiya session, honouring Goddess Durga. The short clip is so touching that even Entrepreneur Anand Mahindra shared on his Twitter. Senior women are sitting in a while chair, circled with Maa Durga’s idol at its centre, with beautiful music, everyone performs dandiya. Navratri 2018 Dandiya Night Style Game: Get Inspired by These Bollywood Divas to Amp Your Fashion Quotient This Garba Season. 

Watch the video of special dandiya dance. 

Isn’t it the best so far? The organisers are yet not known, but undeniably speaks a lot about the spirit of joy. And as we already said, there are a lot more in line to garner your attention during this festivity. The atmosphere is simply electric! There are smiles and hoots of joy all around, and the air seems to be full of energy and exuberance. Navratri 2018 will end on October 18, followed by Vijaya Dashami celebrations.