Celebrating Valentine’s Day is another way of observing the memory of Saint Valentine. This special day of love holds supreme importance amongst youth and old who are deeply and madly in love. Many lovers only wait the entire year for this day to arrive. And once the special day arrives, they admit their love to that special person by sending gifts.

While some lovers decide to confess their feelings and ask for their lover’s hand in marriage, others celebrate their union most romantically. And it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that Valentine’s Day is probably the most picturesque moment of the year. So, it’s immensely crucial that you cherish this lovely day in the most charming way possible! However now Valentines is not just a day celebration, there is an entire week leading up to the final day. Read on to know more about the entire Valentine’s week.

Celebrate Lovers’ Week with Love and Romance

Love is the most beautiful and kindest feeling that ever exists. And it is not just meant for expressing on a particular day, but the entire year! And for Valentines, an entire week is dedicated to this unique celebration. Express your love for your special person in unique ways with the perfect gifts available on FNP.

This Valentine’s Week, consider sending Valentine cakes, love notes, cards, soft toys, chocolates, exotic flowers, and much more to your better half. We can guarantee that their happiness will know no bounds once they receive these exclusive and thoughtful gifts. Moreover, you will be successful in helping them wear the broadest and the most beautiful smile across your lover’s face.

Here, we have elaborated on Valentine's Week. So, if you are planning to celebrate this Valentine’s week more lavishly, then please read through it:

Rose Day (7th February)

Rose Day is marked as the 1st day of the season of love. This day is essential as you can express your love most charmingly. The best part about this day is that you can send your partner an exotic bunch of red roses from FNP. Red roses are meant to convey and express your unconditional love for that special person in your life.

Propose Day (8th February)

The day of love following Rose Day is regarded as Propose Day, where you can vocalise your feelings. So, if you have been waiting to propose to your high school girlfriend and asking for their hand in marriage, this is the most appropriate day. So, this Propose day, order a special gift from FNP for your beloved and take your love to the next level.

Chocolate Day (9th February)

The week of love cannot get any sweeter without celebrating Chocolate Day. And FNP has thoughtfully crafted unique chocolate arrangements like Ferrero rocher, Kit Kat, Dairy Milk bouquets, combos etc which are perfect for the day. So, strengthen your bond and make it sweeter!

Teddy Day (10th February)

It is believed that girls are fascinated by teddies, irrespective of how old they are. So this Teddy Day, send a fluffy and cute teddy or a teddy bouquet from FNP. We are sure they will adore your thoughtful Teddy Day gifts, which is more than a memento for your lady love.

Promise Day (11th February)

Love can only become eternal with promises. So, on this special day, exhibit your trust in the relationship with your partner by sending them the best promise day gifts from FNP. Consider sending personalised rings and pendants that convey your promise to be with your beloved for the rest of your life.

Hug Day (12th February)

As the warmth of love helps in making your relationship more robust, you can celebrate this day by sending the best Hug Day gifts to your soulmate. Apart from your warm hug, you can send them a bouquet of exotic flowers or chocolates, whatever they adore the best.

Kiss Day (13th February)

This Valentine’s week, strengthen the bond of your relationship with a kiss that will remain etched into your memory forever. Also, you can send your partner personalised gifts, chocolates, flowers, etc. and make your Kiss Day memorable.

Valentine’s Day (14th February)

The last and the most awaited day of love is Valentine's Day when couples express their unconditional love most romantically. You can browse for unique and thoughtful gifts for Valentine's Day from online sites like FNP, and order the best ones for your significant other.