World Intersex Awareness Day 2019: What Is Intersex? Most Asked Questions on Google Answered
Intersex Awareness Day (Photo Credits: Twitter)

World Intersex Awareness Day (WIAD) is observed on October 26. The day is observed to spread awareness about the intersex community. The intersex group, is the most misunderstood section in the LGBTQI+ community. Intersex is when a person is born with several sex characteristics. They may include genital ambiguity. According to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, intersex “do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies”. WIAD is celebrated on October 26 after the first Intersex Awareness Day was demonstrated by activists Morgan Holmes and Max Beck in 1996. In many countries, children who are born intersex are made to undergo surgeries to conform to their sex. This causes a lot of issues for the child as they grow up. The day is observed to let people know it is okay to be intersex. Sex Query of the Week: Things to Keep in Mind Before Having Sex with an Intersex Person.

About 1.7 percent of kids are born intersex. Majority of parents with intersex children opt for surgeries so their child could be either a female or male. This causes complications like pain, loss of interest in sexual activities when they grow up, loss of sexual sensation, and also mental suffering. More than any physical problems, a person, might get mentally scarred. All this happens because of a lack of education on this topic. If you also have some questions and doubts about being intersex, we’ll answer the most googled questions about this. What is The Full Form of LGBTQ?

How Common is Intersex?

1.7-2 percent of people are born intersex every year.


Some, but not all intersex people are infertile.

Can Hermaphrodites Have Babies with Themselves?

There have been no cases of this, so no. a person cannot have a baby with themselves.

What Is the Difference Between Intersex and Hermaphrodite?

Only humans can be referred to as intersex but animals can also be hermaphrodites. Intersex is a term for humans but hermaphrodites can be used universally for anyone with variations in their gender.

Can Hermaphrodites Get Pregnant?

Yes, there have been 11 cases of hermaphrodite pregnancies.

Can You Become Intersex?

No, you cannot become intersex. It is something one is born with and you cannot transition into it.

Do Intersex People Get Periods?

Many people have reported PMSing and period symptoms but they don’t bleed.

Here re some of the most asked questions on google. Hope this helps you get a clearer understanding of what intersex means. Celebrate World Intersex Awareness Day by knowing them a little more and learning new things.