Lord Ganesha is known for his love for sweets. Therefore, during the ten days of Ganeshutsav, different sweets are offered to him as bhog prasad. Sheera, also known as suji ka halwa or semolina pudding, is a popular dish offered as bhog (sacred offering) or prasad during Ganeshotsav (Ganesh Chaturthi) and other Hindu religious ceremonies. The act of offering sheera to Lord Ganesha is seen as an expression of gratitude and a request for his blessings. As you celebrate Ganeshotsav 2023, we at LatestLY have brought an easy recipe for making sheera that can help you make the bhog Prasad on the third day of the festival. Ganeshotsav 2023 Day 2 Bhog – Motichoor Laddu: Easy Recipe To Make Motichur Ke Ladoo at Home (Watch Video).

In Hindu worship, it is customary to offer food to the deity. By offering sheera, devotees symbolically provide nourishment to Lord Ganesha, acknowledging his divine presence and inviting him to partake in the festivities. Sweet dishes like sheera are considered auspicious in Hinduism. They are believed to bring sweetness and good fortune to the lives of devotees. Preparing and offering sheera is a cultural tradition that has been passed down through generations. It is an integral part of the festive rituals during Ganeshotsav, and it connects people to their cultural and religious heritage. Here is a simple recipe to help you make sheera for bhog prasad on the third day of Ganeshotsav 2023. Ganeshotsav 2023 Day 1 Bhog – Modak: Know Significance and an Easy Recipe To Prepare Ukadiche Modak at Home.

Easy Recipe To Make Banana Sheera at Home (Watch Video)

Hindu festivals often involve the offering of sweets to deities as a sign of devotion and respect. Sheera is a sweet dish made from semolina, ghee (clarified butter), sugar, and flavoured with cardamom and nuts. Offering sheera is a way of symbolising devotion and seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Wishing everyone a Happy Ganeshotsav 2023!

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