Healthy Eating Habits for Kids: Disney Launches Digital Channel 'Disney Eats' to Promote Nutritional Food Habits Among Children
Disney Eats will encourage Disney-themed dishes (Photo credits: YouTube Screenshot)

It is difficult to convince kids to opt for healthy eating. No kid has said a no when offered with chocolates, ice-creams or any kind of fast-food. Let alone, healthy eating, kids even do not like drinking milk. And parents have a tough time convincing their little ones as to why they should. To deal with kids and also relate to the generation that grew up watching food video, the Disney digital network has something interesting to offer. The digital network has launched a new channel called Disney Eats to encourage healthy eating among the kids.

Disney Eats will be an online food network which will encourage "co-cooking" experiences for young families. They've targeted millennials who grew up watching YouTube videos and are now looking for something for their kids to watch on the internet. The channel will have content that is high in nutrition and also impart cooking abilities among the people. The company has partnered with Tastemade to co-create all original content. The brand says they will teach families to ditch foods that are high in both sugar and sodium.

Check the introductory video of Disney Eats:

Some of the series that have been planned are  'Tiny Kitchen,' where chefs create miniature replicas of foods from Disney movies. Interesting right? Then there will be 'Kitchen Little,' where kids will team up with celebrity chefs to make Disney-themed recipes. The Tastemade food series will also present a science-based show called 'Must Be Science.' Disney has also made announcements for new programs for Facebook Watch. They include shows that will create Disney-inspired items and also a 'Disney Dream Job' that will give a chance to five kids to work as Disney employees for the day. This is going to be an unmissable opportunity the kids will vouch for. Disney sure knows the love the kids have for them and are coming up with lovely shows to fill their hearts again. It is sure going to be a feast for the audiences.