Iceberg Beer: This Beverage From Newfoundland is Made With Water Harvested From Melted Glaciers
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Thanks to global warming, glaciers have been breaking off from icebergs and floating in the ocean since quite some time, increasing water levels. While that shows the negative side of global warming, people in the coastland of Newfoundland, easterly province of Canada have been using these icebergs to their benefits. When a part of Greenland's Petermann Glacier breaks off and flows down to eastern Canada, it reaches Newfoundland's shore in three to four years. Did Alcohol Originate From Israel? 13,000-Year-Old Beer Traces Found by Archaeologists in Raqefet Cave.

These giant ice pieces generally melt and mix with the ocean water. However, in recent years, Newfoundlanders have been using it to make beer! Known as Iceberg Beer, the drink is quite popular equally among tourists. They have found a way to harvest pieces of ice that are 10,000 to 20,000-year-old. It is quite a tedious task and those interested in the business have to obtain a seaborne glacial ice-harvesting license. Ice Chunk From Massive Glacier Collapses in Iceland Causing Huge Wave; Tourists Flee (Watch Video)

Iceberg Beer!


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The iceberg harvesting has given locals access to the purest and most natural water on Earth. The brewery is located on the water and has a taproom with a great view. Known as Iceberg Alley, you can spot the icebergs in the waters between Labrador and Newfoundland. Recently, pictures of the differently shaped huge icebergs floating on the sea clicked by photographer Mark Gray at Canada's Cape Bonavista had gone viral on social media.

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Quidi Vidi Brewing Company's Iceberg Beer And What People Think About its Taste

The water from the bergs is used to make beer at Quidi Vidi Brewing Company. The brewery turns the age-old ice in Iceberg Beer. According to the people who have tasted the beer, the golden brew has a very light taste that comes from the water. It comes with tiny bubbles and mineral-free. However, not everyone seems to like a mild flavour. Critics say that Iceberg Beer doesn't have much of an appeal other than that it is made from ancient ice. Glaciers at 21 World Heritage Sites May Vanish by 2100.

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company with a view:


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Describing the taste of the beer, Tak Ishiwata, a chef who runs a Newfoundland-Japanese fusion cuisine was quoted as saying by NPR, "You don't taste anything. It's not like normal ice cubes where even with filtered water — you don't notice you're drinking chemicals." Ishiwata who has also been on the ice-harvesting boat says it is dangerous to go near these towers of ice while they are being broken. He brought the icebergs and chipped it into small pieces to serve to customers with blue martinis. 40 Years of Icebergs Breaking Off in Antarctica Captured in a 50-Second Clip (Watch Video)

Beer with ice


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The drink became so popular that he bring it back every summer. He says a lot of tourists come looking for the drink often. The Iceberg Festival is another time when Iceberg Beer garners even more popularity. The event celebrates the annual arrival of icebergs to this region. The coast becomes host to music, food and entertainment with seafood being its speciality.