This Cafe in Tokyo Allows You to Sip Coffee With Snakes, View Pics!
Enjoy your beverages with snakes on your table (Photo credits: Facebook/English for Prince)

Pet-friendly cafes are still getting the popularity in India but are certainly not in significant numbers. While cats and dogs would be the only animals you'd mostly see in such cafes, Japan is much ahead. Called the Snake Cafe, located in the district of Harajuku, lets one have coffee with slithering beings around. While cat cafes were trendy in the city, the one with snakes allows visitors to tame the snakes while sipping on their coffee.

The cafe has about 35 snakes called as 'attendants', all non-venomous, to choose from. Customers can choose one which they like and keep it on their table which they spend time at the cafe. The snakes can also act as your coffee date. And you need not worry if you do not have experience of touching snakes, there are human handlers which help in case the slithering residents of cafe slip around. These snakes come in glassed boxes and to take them out and play with them, and a visitor has to charge an extra fee. Visitors are given a few instructions before handling the snakes, for the safety of both. Snake handling etiquette is essential before you ask for any snake to be released from its box.

Check out pictures of the Snake Cafe in Tokyo:

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Admiring the slither!

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Are snakes a good company?

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For petting, snakes are Trans-Pecos rat snake, jungle carpet python, the Brazil rainbow boa, Honduran milk snake and other 20 varieties to choose from. There is an initial cover charge of ¥1000 which includes one drink. The menu consists of iced coffee, fruit tea and mango milk, and alcoholic beverages, including beer, sangria. For food, there are cakes and savoury dishes on their menu. But the most exciting thing here is the table companions. The cafe opened about two years ago and has been attracting guests from different parts of the world. For ardent lovers of the snakes, this cafe deserves a must visit. And those who are scared or do not fancy the slithering reptiles, this is not your cup of tea!