Happy Halloween! The year 2021 is about to end and to end it with a bang, you must celebrate the celebration of scaring each other aka Halloween. To intimidate your friends you can really use make up to make up everything right from fake blood to cuts and gashes. Until recently, the culture of Halloween was limited to western countries BUT now people in India as well organize Halloween parties at their homes with friends as well as children. If you want to amp up your look for the upcoming October 31, we have for you some of the best Halloween 2021 crazy makeup tips to look bewitching.  Halloween 2021 Costume Ideas: Let Squid Game Be Your Halloween Inspiration This Year.

Fake Blood

Although tomato sauce and red colored liquid are usually used to show fake blood, but if you want, you can prepare fake blood at your home. For this you take a red lipstick. Rub some part of it on your skin.  Pair it up with eye liner and clear lip gloss to it and mix it well. Instead of the bristles of the brush, use the other end to create fake blood stains on the face. The advantage of using this mixture will be that you can easily remove it from the face after the party.

Eyebrow Cut and Broken Nose

If you want to show broken nose, lip injury or cut marks on eyebrows through makeup on your face, then for this you first need a non-toxic glue stick. Cut a small piece of glue stick and bend it with the help of fingers into the shape you want on your face. After applying it on the face, you can colour it like a wound.


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Broken Teeth

For this you only need eyeliner. Clean your teeth with alcohol and leave it to dry. Now use black gel eye liner or waterproof pencil on the teeth and make a design on the teeth. You are just ready to scare others.

No Eyebrows

Don't worry, you don't need to get your eyebrows waxed to achieve this look. You can use a temporary method. First of all, cover your eyebrows properly with non-toxic makeup glue. After drying, apply a little powder on it and then apply foundation on top of the powder. Your no eyebrow look is just ready.

There is so much you can do with makeup items to make it look like that you have scratches, stiches and cuts on your face to look like zombies as well. Go ahead, trick o treat like a boss.

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