Haran (@haran.singhaam) grew up in a war zone in Sri Lanka. Having spent the better part of his life running away from bombs, discrimination, and violence. After continuously witnessing and experiencing inhumane acts, Haran fled to Australia as a refugee, stateless, with no idea how to speak the language and no support structure.  But despite all that, he worked hard to survive, and soon he started making friends and got a business degree. However, with a troubled past like that, he struggled with depression and trauma and became suicidal.

The turning point of his life came when he found a mindset coach who helped him overcome his deep-rooted trauma. This event shifted the direction of his life completely. Haran went on to become a counselor and life coach with over fourteen years of experience loaded with a feeling of immense gratitude for the life he’d created in his new home.

Haran currently pursues his passion, being a Mindset and Heartset coach, as a business. He has a Bachelors’s Degree and Graduate Certificate in Social Science (Counselling).  Additionally, he is a certified NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, and Hypnotherapy Trainer; he has completed Mastery University with Tony Robbins and other therapeutic modalities.

He is also a certified yoga teacher who almost devoted himself to becoming a monk.  After spending time at Ashrams in India, he eventually decided that he wanted to be engaged with people to serve them better. He worked for over five years with indigenous people in Australia, facilitated community service events for elders, and wants to help war widows and orphans.

As a coach, Haran helps people find joy, inner peace, and fulfillment without spending months on a therapist’s couch. He firmly believes that “if you want real change, you need to take a holistic approach. You need your mind, heart, body, and spirit in alignment for transformation.” Moreover, he states that “coming up with strategies for your problem alone can be ineffective”; and therefore has developed tools that go beyond strategies to help people on their journey.