No matter how many products you lather on your skin, nothing beats a good cleansing routine. But are you one of those people who keep their favourite cleansers in the shower? There is a running debate that washing your face in the shower may harm your skin. While there is no right or wrong answer to this, you must take proper measures to ensure that your skin stays hydrated as washing your face under shower may have its drawbacks. Read on!

The Cons

You might not want to take long, hot showers as it can be super drying to your skin. The same applies to your face, and the facial skin being more delicate can be more prone to dryness. So if you are hopping into the steam for a lengthy, warm lather, you might want to save the face wash for later. Do not wash your face in the shower if your skin is especially sensitive. Dermatologist-Approved DIY Home Recipes for Your Skin Care & Pampering Session at Home.

Even if you are using lukewarm water, you might want to save the face cleansing for last. All the residue from your hair can sop down to your face and clog your pores. Therefore, you would want to make sure that the face wash is the final step. Don’t Lockdown on Skincare! 10 Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin While You’re Self-Quarantining.

The Pros

Sometimes a shower can enhance the experience of using a mask or scrubbing your face. Experts believe that increased water temperature fastens up the exfoliation and a lukewarm bath does just the trick. Plus, the shower steam can open up those pores before you cleanse. Just ensure that you stick to lukewarm water and keep your shower time short. Hailey Baldwin Shares Her Skincare Secret and Why She Follows a Simple Regime.

Bottomline - It may not be a terrible idea to wash your face in the shower. Cleansing in the shower can either be a useful trick, in case of scrubbing and face masks, or a recipe for dry skin. No matter what you choose, work fast to seal in that hydration with your moisturisers and serums. It doesn't matter when you wash your face, as long as your skin gets the care it needs.

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