Increased Consumption in India Good for US Apple Cultivators
apples (Photo Credit: PTI)

New Delhi, July 24: Increased consumption of apples and Indian government's plans to promote fresh fruits in the diet served in schools have brought good opportunity for apple cultivators in the US, a US official said on Tuesday.

Also, Indian consumers would be benefitted due to nutrients present in apples, said US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Acting Minister Counsellor in Indian Mark Wallace at an event here to mark import of 1,000th container of Stemilt apples by Indian importer IG International.

"Apple consumption in India has gone up and the sale was 2.2 million tonnes last year... The (Indian) government is also taking notice. Schools are promoting fresh fruits as daily diets for children. And what can be a better product than Apple," he said.

He said it was good news for local production of apples in the US.  "Everyone is winning with production and consumption of apples right now. And that is the exciting thing," he said. Wallace also said apples could be stored and transported well and prepared and consumed in many different ways.

He said one apple every day provides 20 per cent of the recommended fibre, 8 per cent of antioxidant vitamin, 7 per cent of potassium and 130 calories without fat, sodium and cholesterol. "Consumers are aware of the benefits," he said.