Itchy Breasts and Nipples? 6 Reasons Your Lovely Lady Lumps Are Itchy As Hell

Of all the uncomfortable places to have itchy skin, boobs rank the highest. You have to sneak into a private room to get your hands on the on your best parts. Also, you would never want to rub calamine lotion all over your breasts. While there are tons of reasons why you must be spending too much time feeling your breasts, most of them are pretty harmless. However, it still helps to know what is exactly causing the itching, so you know how to treat it.

1 You Have Eczema

An eczema rash can show up on both your nipples and breasts. It is often identified as reddish patches or small, raised bump on the skin. Avoid using harsh soaps and moisturise the skin regularly. You can try using an OTC ointment but if that does not clear the rash, make sure that you consult a dermatologist. Is loofah bad for skin? Here’s what dermatologists say and it’s gross.

2 You Got an Insect Bite

Insect bites may be the last thing you think of when you get an annoying itch. A raised bump surrounded by redness of the skin can be signs of an insect bite. But if the marks appear in multiples, you might just have a bed bug infestation. Calamine lotion usually helps soothe the itchiness from insect bites.

3 You Are Pregnant

Also, expect some itching if you have a bump in the oven. Breast enlargement in preparation for lactation can cause your breasts to itch. This is because when the skin stretches, it often becomes dry and irritated. The best way to manage the irritated skin is to apply topical lotions.

4 You Are Allergic To a Lotion

Using a new formula that doesn’t suit your skin can cause contact dermatitis. It occurs when you are allergic to a chemical that comes in contact with your skin. You might experience a pink or red rash on your breasts. Sometimes it can be more widespread with blistering and crusting. Make an appointment with your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

5 Your Bra Is Ill-fitted

Sometimes, friction with your clothes can also irritate your breasts particularly nipples. You might end up with chaffing and irritation if your bra is ill-fitted. So get yourself a proper bra fitting from a professional and invest in some quality fabrics that won’t irritate.

6 You Have a Fungal Infection

Sometimes, fungal infections can also show up on your breasts. The itchy rashes vary in colour from red, pink and yellow, and are usually circular patches that have a fine scale on the top. Topical fungal medications like clotrimazole can be helpful in many cases. Bacteria found in frog skin may help fight fungal infections in humans.

To prevent any kind of irritation, it is best to keep your breasts as dry as possible. Placing a layer of clothing like a handkerchief in skin folds can also help prevent rashes and irritation.