Men are Injecting Their Scrotums for Big Balls! What is Scrotal Inflation?
What is scrotal inflation? (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Everyone knows that penis size is one of men's biggest concerns and many will do almost anything to increase the length and girth of their manhood. However, some are concerned about the size of their scrotum which has resulted in a growing practice known as scrotal inflation or scrotal infusion. The process involves the injection of saline solution into the scrotal sac to temporary increase its size. Obviously, do not try this at home.

As told to Tonic, New York City-based sexuality and relationship therapist Dulcinea Pitagora, aka Kink Doctor says, "There's no generalizable reason that explains why people are drawn to fetishes or edge play like scrotal inflation." He also said that for some, it's about the idea of supersizing oneself. After this procedure, the resulting appearance of the scrotum looks kind of like a water balloon. The fluid will ultimately be absorbed by the body, but it may take a couple of days to return to normal size. However, the swelling does not always resolve itself and may become quite painful.

A rare variant of scrotal inflation involves filling the scrotum with air instead of liquid. We are definite that it hurts like crazy as a needle is involved. This procedure isn't for everyone, that's a given. You probably need balls made of steel. Scrotal inflation is an extremely dangerous practice and cannot be recommended. Risks include permanent infertility, scrotal emphysema - where the air gets trapped in the tissue beneath the skin and fatal complications include embolisms and gangrene. Our advise to all the men out there, do not try this and love your scrotums just the way they are.