The perineum is a little-known part of the body, tucked away between the anus and the vulva in women, and between the anus and the scrotal sac in men. The patch of skin may seem like non-descript, but it is a nerve-rich part capable of producing intensely pleasurable sensations and providing some health benefits if stroked or touched correctly. However, it’s easy to neglect the perineum during sex since it’s situated in a non-strategic location. Many who do eventually find the location are left wondering how to stimulate the region. And is sexual pleasure the only benefit you derive from massaging the perineum. Before you learn how to stimulate the sensitive area, here are some facts about the perineum.

What is the Perineum?

As mentioned above, the perineum is a sensitive patch of skin nestled between the anus and vagina or scrotum. It is dense with nerve endings and is a part of the pelvic floor muscles, which support the pelvic organs. In men, stimulating the perineum is known as the male G spot, capable of producing intensely pleasurable sensations. It can also increase the blood flow to the prostate gland and improving genital health. It helps that the prostate gland is located just above the perineal area.

Even in women, perineal massage can provide both sexual and health benefits. The perineum can stretch and tear during childbirth in women. During pregnancy, routinely massing the area can lend elasticity and flexibility, reducing chances of trauma to the area during childbirth.

How To Massage The Perineum for Men and Women

To perform perineal massage, one should proceed with clean hands and fingers. Trim the nails if they are too long or sharp. Use a mirror in case you can’t find the area.

For Women

• Sit down on a chair or lie down comfortably. Alternatively, you can stand with one leg on the chair.

• Apply a good-quality oil or lubricant on your hands and fingers, thumbs and on the perineum.

• Insert your thumbs or your index fingers of both hands around one to one and a half inches into the vagina.

• During pregnancy, the tissues may be sensitive, and you may feel a slight tingling in the area.

• Keep the thumbs/fingers in till the area gets accustomed to the pressure.

• Keeping the pressure, move the fingers back and forth along the sides of the vagina for around three minutes.

Here is an instructional video for pregnant women.

For Men

• Start with lubricated fingers. You can either use a good quality lube or edible oils like olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil.

• Insert a finger into the rectum and search for rope-like nerves in the area.

• Massage this spot softly in a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion.

Beginners may find it uneasy to massage the perineal area due to the taboo associated with it. But it’s a healthy practice that may go a long way in helping pregnant woman and men who experience sexual dysfunction.

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