Period Pain, Migraine or Bloating, How to Beat 8 Menstrual Problems For Good!

There are a few things you experience during periods that are neither pleasant nor desirable. Your body produces so much prostaglandins that it does not just target the uterus but also other areas of the body. While you can’t have any control over your hormones, you can always get the discomfort to a manageable level. Yes, it is possible. It is time to take back ‘that time of the month’ with solutions for your menstrual miseries. Take note.

1 You Get Cramps That Feel Like Giving Birth to the Spawn of Satan

Your uterine muscles contract which makes you feel like you are in labour. These contractions are typically triggered by the prostaglandin hormone; the higher levels you have, the worse you feel. Using a heating pad or a hot water bag can provide some relief. And if the OTC painkillers are not helping, try yoga and acupuncture. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercises can also up your heart rate and blood flow which in turn will help manage the pain.

2 The Bloating Is Like a Massive Pressure

While no one knows what triggers bloating during that time of the month, controlling the salt and alcohol intake can surely help. So steer clear of those junk foods and include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like walnuts and salmon to quell period-related bloating. Period Woes! Signs That You Have Abnormal Menses & Symptoms to Not Ignore During your Cycle.

3 You are Too Uncomfortable Working Out with Those Perky Nipples

The rising levels of progesterone cause extra tenderness. Research suggests that cutting down on your caffeine intake can significantly reduce the discomfort in your breasts. Also, investing in a good sports bra can make your breasts less vulnerable to the stress that exercise puts on your chest. You can also try wearing silicone pads to protect them from the irritable friction.

4 Your Insatiable Cravings Make You Want To Eat Everything in Sight

PMS cravings are super common and you are not the only one who wants to park herself near a fridge full of desserts. The dip in serotonin levels during periods has been linked to cravings for salty or sweet carbohydrates. But one serving of something chocolaty or savoury can be good enough to satisfy you. While you are at it, try and stick to snacks that include calcium as they can help combat several PMS symptoms.

5 You Cry At Sappy Commercials

Drama alert! Due to the hormonal fluctuations, you are extra sensitive during that time of the month. Try refurbishing your plate: Regularly loading up on complex carbs such as leafy greens and whole-grain foods can help keep your blood sugar and your emotions in control. Is Colour of Your Period Blood Brown or Black? What does the Colour Tell About Your Health.

6 You Get Ugly Headaches

If you suffer from the dreaded menstrual migraines, you can blame the prostaglandin hormones that cause cramps. The same hormones can also attack your nerves in the head. Taking a combo of OTC anti-inflammatory drugs like Naproxen and a prescription drug like Sumatriptan can block prostaglandin production and fight the symptoms.

7 You Want To Sleep For a Week

You lose iron when you lose blood which dips your energy levels. So eat food rich in iron to be in the best of your spirit. Consuming fatigue has also been shown to reduce period-related fatigue. If you are still feeling spent, give yourself a break and your body the rest it needs.

8 Period Poop Is an Unpredictable Monster

The prostaglandins rush to the uterus at the beginning of a period and cause the smooth muscle there to contract, forcing the uterine lining to slough off. But these chemicals are kind of dumb, and can't just focus their attention on the smooth muscle only in your uterus. Your gastrointestinal tract, which is very near the uterus, is also lined with smooth muscle. Maintain a caffeine-free diet, eating lots of fibre and exercising daily can help reduce diarrhoea symptoms.

Cramps get all the attention but they are just the tip of the period iceberg. Use these tips to deal with the other symptoms and you have already conquered half of the world.