With the endless opportunities the world of subscription-based SaaS has created, businesses are getting creative with pricing strategy and monetization. Most Vertical SaaS startups follow one of two methods for their business model; they either position themselves in the middle of the market and hope to stand out, or they focus on quality over quantity and alienate a massive portion of their target demographic. Both structures have their pros and cons, but one startup is changing the game to go after both ends of the market. Contractor+, the nation’s newest and one of the fastest growing field management software startups, has masterfully curated a purpose-driven solution to monetize on free users who make up 80% of the market demand, without serving a single ad or requiring any in-app purchases or subscriptions.  

Offering both free and paid plans, Contractor+ has custom-tailored solutions to fit the needs and budget of any business. Designed to help field service contractors manage and grow their business, Contractor Plus sought a solution to maximize market penetration, and generate more revenue, without compromising the user experience. By taking a tiny percentage of every invoiced transaction completed in the Contractor+ platform, and implementing a home financing option for users through strategic partnerships with SunTrust Bank’s LightStream Division, Contractor Plus has effectively became a fintech solution, that is no longer dependant on subscription tiers or in-app advertisements.

“We realized our competitors were missing out on 80%+ of the market, who doesn’t want to pay anything for an app to schedule jobs and send estimates and invoices.  They give people a free trial and then if they don’t get out their credit card after 14 days they tell them to kick rocks. We think that’s just silly. By processing credit cards for contractors, we are able to earn a small, but sufficient percentage from every transaction. Thus, the contractor never has to pay us to use our app, and we never have to kill the user experience with annoying ads. Everyone benefits. It’s perfect.” - Roshan Sethia, Contractor+ CTO

Sitting amid their first seed round on Wefunder, Contractor+ has taken off to scale to unprecedented heights for its forward thinking approach to subscription-based businesses, and its dedication to helping contractors everywhere scale their businesses on a free, easy-to-use platform.

"Reg CF has been a lifesaver for Contractor+. We kicked off our seed round on Wefunder about a month ago and in a few short weeks have already been able to raise $54,000. of our $250k goal. Our revenues are already nearing half of our burn rate. We should be cash flow positive in a couple more months. By completing our raise on Wefunder we will be able to strategically scale customer acquisition and position our brand for longevity in the marketplace. Contractor+ is here to stay. If you're looking for a great investment opportunity in 2021, this is the one you’ve been waiting for." - Justin Smith, Contractor+ CEO

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to streamlining the user experience; Contractor+ has effectively dawned upon a new era of SaaS startups to leverage alternative methods of growth beyond paid ads and subscriptions. Anyone can visit contractorplus.app, the official website to get more info or they can visit wefunder.com/contractor to learn about their investment opportunity.

Contractor+ is a mobile field service management solution that was created to help contractors manage and grow their business. Founded in July 2020 by Justin Smith and Roshan Sethia, Contractor+ was designed to help hard-working contractors skyrocket productivity and profitability for their growing business. Revolutionizing the contracting industry, Contractor+ is a one-stop-shop for any budding business, offering in-platform business and client management to streamline processes on an easy-to-use interface. Free to use with the option of a paid subscription upgrade with exclusive features, Contractor+’s innovative business model has proved that SaaS startups can generate revenue without mandating subscriptions or running paid ads.

As the digital climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. However the space changes, it is certain that Contractor+ will be there, innovating and leading in the field service management vertical.