How to Turn a Girl On: Tricks To Make Her Moan and Scream in Bed
Sex (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In comparison to men, women usually take longer to be sexually aroused. While men get turned out visually, which is why porn is arousing for most of them, for women, it's all about the touch. For a woman, it is likely more important to feel things to get aroused in bed. And if you are someone who is contemplating about how you can sexually arouse your woman in bed, we've got some tips for you that can come in handy. Oral Sex, Boobgasm and Other Foreplay Tricks to Give Her the Best Orgasm Ever!

Cuddling and Foreplay is a Must!

Give some time to cuddling and indulging in some fun foreplay to up your sex game. While men can get easily turned on in the process, women are just gearing up for the act. so, consider this as a warm-up exercise for women, just before when things are about to get really sweaty!

Find Her Erotic Spot(s)

If you want to make her scream and cry with pleasure - find her erotic spots. Whether it's the stomach, the neck or her nipples, find out what her erotic spot is and make the most of it. How? Lick her neck or suck on her nipples to get her in the mood.


Another way you could turn her own is by fingering. This can be a tad bit time consuming so you gotta be patient here until she's ready. Make her scream, make her moan with fingering her pussy until it's wet enough. And once it's wet enough, you know what to do next.

Keep Going

Women usually take about twenty minutes on an average to reach orgasm, so the key here is to not stop! For her to reach orgasm, keep going. Listen to her when she asks you to continue doing what you've been doing. Once she's ready, insert your penis inside her vagina and make her feel like fireworks on the inside!