The silent majority always follows a mediocre way of life. Sometimes while choosing their comfort they take efforts even less than their actual capacity and excitement. Yet, amidst this bog-standard population are some super cool spirits who just want the best for themselves.

Adapting to a rigorous lifestyle, model Oksana Saldyrkina craves to bring out the best in her. Like every other person, to be fit and have an excellent physique she dedicates a specific time to her gym tours. However, her workout sessions aren’t just limited to any regular stretches, she goes a level above.

Oksana Saldyrkina adds “Girl with a barbell” to her Instagram bio and she withstands it too. As the model is always seen uploading her workout stories, she also adds barbell lifting sessions. This statement of hers truly describes her enthusiasm for the gym.

The model who is also a social media influencer adores her body like nobody else. In the name of self-love, Oksana Saldyrkina extends every limit to make herself a better version of yesterday. Just like a blacksmith beats the iron to mold it, Oksana too thwacks her body to improve her body bends.

The Russian model is central for her titillating physique and extremely lovely looks. She thaws millions of hearts with her one post on Instagram. Sure her flawless face has something to do with her regular workout sessions, isn’t it?

Staying and maintaining fitness is the toughest task to do, yet by possessing a well-defined body Oksana Saldyrkina leaves shuns everyone.