Turning customers into superfans and employees into brand advocates is no easy task. It requires the mastery of state-of-the-art marketing assets as well as the cultivation of substantial customer relationships. Amid the global pandemic and an impending economic crisis, these skills take on added significance to any business.

We sat down with expert media strategist Shawn Severs to learn how client relationships can be nurtured in our increasingly digitized world to create a powerful following of loyal and passionate admirers.

Create a Culture

Before you consider starting a community, you should first determine what your brand stands for. A well-defined mission should effectively communicate your brand's raison d'être and encapsulate your core values. Every action should reflect your brand's voice. It cannot be a jumble of meaningless words thrown together by a careless consultant. It must be genuine.

“Building a contagious culture for your customers and staff through the Storyline Marketing agency is what's missing from your market strategy. Just because you possess a large budget and can throw money at it doesn't translate into massive conversions. You must speak the language of the individual '', says Severs.

Build the Best Story for Your Brand

Your brand’s story is a message that forges a strong emotional bond between your company and customers. It embodies who you are and what you stand for.

Severs stated, “Just because you possess a large budget and can throw money into your marketing campaigns, doesn't translate into large-scale profits and brand awareness online."

A compelling narrative style will entice new customers to try your brand. People are looking for something to help them solve a problem or to enrich their lives in some way. It is your responsibility as a retailer to figure out how to ensure this in a way that makes clients feel good about themselves and their decisions.

Clients Come First

Today, Severs specializes in steering the massive marketing departments of $100 million-plus corporations to new heights through his online marketing agency. Having amassed a proven track record of success, Severs considers it critical for the success of any business to understand the audience on an emotional level.

“Aligning your brand’s authentic voice with the customers’ expectations requires careful consideration of all available marketing assets as well as the historical setting your business lives in."

The best marketers aren't just concerned with displaying objective facts about their products, but also with making those facts touch the hearts of the audience.

“Once your message matches the avatar you're trying to attract, you can soar to heights like never before," he adds.

Harness the Right Mindset

Even the most effective marketing strategies will fail without the right mindset to nourish and apply it.

Severs put it perfectly: “Regardless of the career path you pursue, even if you're unsure of certain things, give yourself time for split tests and assessments. If it feels right, double down. If it doesn't, after a comfortable time frame move on, and never assess it as a loss. View it as an adventure you're traveling on.”

Shawn Severs has already proven his abilities as an expert media strategist who assists customers in growing their businesses. Now, he wants to devote his life to assist you in completing a similar mission.

Contact Severs’ Storyline Marketing agency to learn how he can improve your marketing strategy.