Midlife Sex: 5 Tips For Couples To Have Great Sex In Middle Age
As you grow older, your sex life also undergoes many changes. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

As couples tend to grow older, their sex life also undergoes a couple of changes, which can be bothersome. Sexual activity can decline, making them feel less confident and more conscious in bed. But midlife need not be that boring! You can use it to make your sex life better. You know yours and your partner's bodies better. The two of you are in touch with your sexual desires and have developed a comfort level. Also, by midlife, people are more stress-free in terms of settling down in life and so can indulge in enjoying life more than ever. Midlife is a great age. You are neither too young nor not too old. It is just the right age to try everything you want to.

Follow a set of very basic tips you can keep in mind if you are a middle-aged couple and enjoy a better sex life -

Communication is Key

As you grow older, it is natural to feel changes in your body and be more aware of what you want in bed. It is always best to talk to your partner about it. Especially if you are having sex with someone younger, you must be sure you are compatible and understand each other’s sexual desires well. Communicating may not come to you naturally but once you start the topic and get comfortable, it will help you enjoy sex better. You can always use tricks like humour to convey these things to your partner.

Kiss More and Kiss Longer

A report in telegraph quotes Barbara Bloomfield, a relate therapist and author of Couples Therapy: Dramas of Love and Sex, saying that middle-aged women tend to have ‘reactive arousal’, whereas middle-aged men still have ‘primary arousal’. Primary arousal in seen mostly in men who can be easily aroused by coming in contact with something they find attractive, while reactive arousal in women takes them more time to be aroused. More foreplay, kissing and cuddling is needed for them to be aroused. So for a better sex life amongst middle aged couples, it is advisable that they kiss more and longer.

Stay Fit

As you get older, you naturally feel less confident about your body. But it is not something to worry about. You only need to make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. The fitter your body is, the sexier you feel about yourself, making you better in bed. Here’s a tip – consuming food rich in zinc like spinach and kidney beans play a significant role in producing sex hormones in your body.

Find Your Comfort Zone

As you grow older you may not be comfortable with everything you liked when you were younger. Your younger self may be more ready to experiment and try new things. But don’t let that come in the way of you having a great sex life. You may not enjoy or are less comfortable in certain sexual positions. But it is best to use it to your advantage. As you become more sure of what you like and want, you can enjoy sex better.


Sex life changes as you grow older. But rather than thinking of it as a negative, you can focus on the positives and make your midlife sex even better than it was in your youth. Accept your age and the changes it brings. You tend to know things better about both your body, sex and other things like safety, hence making you more confident. Use it to your advantage. And here's a secret- confidence can make you more attractive to your partner.

Follow these simple tips and make sure age only becomes a blessing to your sex life and not a problem.