Fashion is all about comfort mixed with a style that ultimately aims to display your personality in the form of a first impression. Monsoon is arguably one of the worst seasons for fashion- you've got umbrellas and raincoats shielding your fabulous outfits and not to mention the rains and humidity just waiting to ruin your outfit. And your shoes! Heels are a no-go for the majority of the season. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom for your fashion sense!

We've curated an article that talks about all things monsoon fashion! Read up and get ready for that rainy swag!

Avoid Tighter Silhouette

Avoid tighter fits! While form-fitting outfits reward us in the form of striking silhouettes, they just aren't worth the discomfort when they inevitably get wet during monsoons. They cling to your skin and ultimately lead to a fashion fail too.

Go Dressy!

Make this the season to pull out your dress collection. Wrap dresses are a staple monsoon favourite, and the material is often airy and cotton, making it the ideal garment for the daytime. Also, fearlessly flaunt shirt dresses, drawstring dresses and kimono-style too. Use fabric belts when necessary to add definition to loose fits. The effortlessly chic outfit is fuss-free and very comfortable too. Monsoon 2021 Hair Care Routine: 5 Essential Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Prevent Hair Fall in This Season.

If you aren't comfortable with dresses, you can rock jumpsuits and dungarees too. Stick to short sleeves to prevent moisture accumulation, however. It's all about rocking looser fits, so don't hesitate to pull out baggy tops and to style it as t-shirt dresses for casual outings. Tops with A-line cuts paired with loose trousers is another casual favourite.

Avoid Whites, Opt for Neons

White is a definite no with its easy transparency. Use the season as an excuse to rock bolder colours like neon. Bright yellows are a favourite this year, and you can always tone it down with neutral accessories. Monochromatic colours are all in this season, so don't hesitate to use different shades of colours like blue to make a complete outfit. When in doubt, neutral accessories will come to your rescue.

Go Easy on Full Glam, Adopt Healthy Skincare Routine

Heavy makeup is very messy during monsoons, so opt for lighter makeup and use tools like eyeliner and mascara to really make your eyes pop. You can always play with bolder lipstick colours to satisfy any creative urge when it comes to makeup. Use this opportunity to really step up your skincare, and you can fearlessly flaunt your natural skin too. Pro tip- invest in BB creams and clear mascaras for the monsoon season.

Right Shoes Is Always The Key

Shoes! You've got many options if you know what to look for. We are talking open-toes sandals, jelly shoes, silicon shoes and ballerinas, among many other options! Really go all out on those gumboots, and don't hesitate in donning classic colours like bright yellow.

Remember, you have to have fun while experimenting! Remember that when you refresh your wardrobe, don't be afraid to go as bold as you like! Also, invest in the waterproof coat for that extra oomph! Go bold, go comfortable and have fun!

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