There is really no perfect time for having sex. But most people claim that having sex first thing in the morning is absolutely amazing! Morning sex is known to have tonnes of amazing health benefits. Right from setting just the right mood for the rest of the day to boosting your energy levels, morning sex is also known to relieve stress and energise your body. And really give us one reason why you shouldn't be having sex at day break. Having early morning sex has been known to improve the bond between you and your partner.

Most people have confessed that some of their best sex memories are the ones they have had in the morning. Here are some reasons why you should have sex with your partner even before you head for the first cuppa joe for the day:


It is believed that if you have a low libido hindering your sex life, you must try having sex in the morning as your body is more in form for having intercourse. A fresh mind and body make sex more fun and energy-filled.

The Love Hormone-Oxytocin

It is said that morning sex is absolutely amazing for your relationship because of a science-backed reason. Sex produces oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone or cuddle hormone. This chemical in the brain is known to be responsible for love and bonding in your life and it is released when you have sex. So if you have sex in the morning you are really starting your day on a great note!

Men Last Longer In Bed

Men are known to have high testosterone levels in the morning, that's partially the reason why they experience frequent morning erections also known as "the morning wood". High testosterone levels are known to give you better sexual experience. Testosterone levels are responsible for improving your libido and improve sexual function. You tend to have better sex in the morning because of this.

Happy Hormones- Endorphins

When you have sex in the morning you tend to be happier throughout the day than otherwise because morning sex produces endorphins, which are pain-relieving chemicals in your body that help boost your mood. There is no reason you shouldn't start your day on a happy note.

Perfect Workout

Sex is one of the best ways to workout. Why go for a run when you can make love? Sex is known to burn about five calories per minute, what other reason are you looking for now? If you want to really know how much calories are torched during sex, this should give you an idea. How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Have Sex? Find Out Which Position Is Good for Weight Loss.

There is really no reason to NOT have sex in the morning! Go ahead and share this post with your partner right now to drop major hints. LOL. However, you must remember to make your morning sex more spontaneous and candid, than prepared and forced.

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