PM Narendra Modi Uses Accupressure Rollers! Amazing Health Benefits and Everything You Want to Know About The Ancient Therapy
Narendra Modi using Accupressure Roller (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plogging video from a Mamallapuram beach in Chennai has gone viral and HOW! People cannot stop praising the PM after he was seen picking litter while his jogging session on Saturday. However, while his message on cleanliness was absolutely clear, it was an object he was carrying all along that left netizens scratch their heads in curiosity. It is finally revealed that the object he was carrying in his hand while plogging was an acupressure roller. Modi took to Twitter to put all the inquisitive guesses to rest. He wrote on Twitter: "Since yesterday, many of you have been asking - what is it that I was carrying in my hands when I went plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram. It is an acupressure roller that I often use. I have found it to be very helpful."

Take a Look at Narendra Modi's Tweet:

For those who don't know, plogging is an exercise that combines jogging with picking up garbage, in a way deriving double benefits of a healthy body and clean environment. Netizens were inspired by the Prime Minister's dedication and commitment to cleanliness while most of us still wonder about the portable acupressure roller and how it works. Let's discuss:

What Is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a combination of science and art that is advisable for people who want to get rid of pains in the body. Right from pain in the stubborn lower back pain to feet pain, this technique is said to work for all. The method deals with applying pressure on the body, including massages, stretching, etc. that provides relaxation and relief from pain. Acupressure must not be confused with acupuncture that uses needles, instead of applied pressure via fingers, thumb or rolling devices crafted for specific points in the body.

Acupressure Rollers and Its Health Benefits

While acupressure is a vast subject, you can buy small portable acupressure rollers to derive the benefits of this technique. Our nervous uses electrical energy, called "nerve impulses" to send messages from one cell to another cell in the body and help processes in our body such as muscle movement, excretion, glandular secretion, temperature regulation, etc. Acupressure boosts the functioning of the nerves acupressure rollers can help nerve stimulation and circulation as well. This small portable equipment stimulates over thousands of nerves in our hands and feet. The blood flow in our body is increased, relieving our bodies from stress and tension. It is known to have shown effects both on the body and mind. Some studies also show that acupressure can help reduce insomnia relieve fatigue.

PM Modi is in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu coastal town for a two-day informal summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is said that this is his second informal bilateral meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mahabalipuram is chosen for the summit as the historical city had ancient links with China during the Pallava dynasty.