A man is known by the company he keeps. And when you are an adroit Public Relations expert, this goes apt in every sense. Maintaining relations is not just important but also a skillful act in this ever-changing world of digital media. The most significant aspect is how smartly you work in building the credibility of a brand over the digital domain. After all, a PR connoisseur can make or break the image of a brand. In recent times, we have witnessed the rise of image-making, and one name whose contribution is unmatched in this field is Mark Stephen Pooler.

Over the last few years, Mark has built his reputation as one of the most sought names in the world of Public Relations. He is the founder, editor-in-chief, media and news publisher of MSP News Global. Throughout these years, the PR expert has been overseeing the company’s media business that has brought many global business leaders to the limelight. MSP News Global was born out of Mark’s passion for Public Relations in 2020. He has been an affluent speaker, international bestselling author and radio/TV host.

Along with it, his primary business venture TMSP Agency has been a prominent name that has helped many high-profile entrepreneurs gain tremendous exposure over the webspace. Through his agency, Mark has built a clientele on a global level, and he continues to share hard-hitting yet inspiring stories of people from different walks of life. So far, Mr. Pooler has done media coverage for some of the notable celebrities including Jack Canfield, Rhonda Byrne, Marie Diamond, Bob Doyle, Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Joe Vitale, Denis Waitley from ‘The Secret’ movie and the book.

Using Public Relations as a brilliant tactic to enhance the reputation of an entity or a company, Mark considers his profession as his best career path. “It is all about creating a relative environment where every individual or a brand wants to stand out from the contemporaries. My vision is to transform people into celebrities and companies into brands. That can only be done by making them popular and spreading the word about their righteous works”, said the PR expert.  Mark not only helps in building credibility through articles, radio or TV interviews, but he also helps his clients to grow on social media.

Having access to the high-end global publications and broadcasters, the multi-faceted personality has turned many small-scale companies into well-established brands. Continuing to do what he does the best, Mark’s mission has been to help businesses and entities raise awareness about their work. Lastly, he considers PR as a tool to draw the attention of potential customers from every nuke and corner of the world.